Mazda Miata Hardtop Hoist

Look for the IMC Logo. The Trademark IMC Logo showing quality of manufacturing is a signature of American built quality.  The IMC Trademark on the shipping container, the harness assembly and on all our lifting systems, will be assurance you have a genuine IMC product designed and hand fabricated here since 1978.

The Miata harness is sewn from one inch nylon webbing. We designed it in 1989 for Mazda of North America with the help of their engineers in Irvine, CA. The harness utilizes the Mazda hardtop attachment hardware to be spread the width of the hardtop for maximum stability.

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Miata hard top lifted by an IMC hoist

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1990-2005 Mazda Miata Manual Hardtop Hoist
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2006 Miata Hardtop Hoist
2006 Miata (wider and longer) Hardtop Hoist with 3:1 manual pulley lift system. Easily installs i..
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