Corvette Hardtop Hoist

Look for the IMC Logo. The Trademark IMC Logo showing quality of manufacturing is a signature of American built quality.  The IMC Trademark on the shipping container, the harness assembly and on all our lifting systems, will be assurance you have a genuine IMC product designed and hand fabricated here since 1978.

The C4 Corvette hardtop hoist incorporates a lightweight aluminum tube (drawn 6061 T6) with each end rotary draw bent to 90 degrees and then encased into a high-density foam tube. The assembly constitutes a very lightweight, sturdy and upholstery-friendly Support Cradle which avoids paint and weather stripping. This protective cradle is then joined to a harness of nylon seat belt webbing sewn to the correct length required for proper balance (no hooks - no adjusting).   Hardtops can be suspended indefinitely.  All three lifting systems include, of course, the support cradle and harness assembly as well as all necessary installation hardware.  Installation times average between 30 minutes and 45 minutes.

The C5 and C6 Corvette have the option of keeping roof panel on the car or the in the trunk. If you'd rather use that trunk space for luggage, you can leave the panel at home.  IMC produces this tailored pouch made from thick, high quality four ply car cover material which encloses the panel to keep it clean. Two handles allow the panel to be carried like a suitcase or you can keep it off the floor by hanging it on a convenient wall



Corvette hard top hanging from motor winch



Corvette in yellow



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