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On 02/21/2013 10:27 Steve Harris Wrote:

Hey Mark,

I talked to you last year when I purchased your hardtop hoist for my wife's 2002 T-Bird.  You said send you some pictures when I got it installed so I am attaching a few.  Let me know if you would like more.  We are very pleased with the quailty and function of the hoist.  Enjoyed talking to you. 

Steve Harris

On 12/22/2012 11:09 AM, G OXLEY wrote:
Hi Mark
Just to say thank-you for a superbly engineered piece of equipment.  It is so pleasing, being a retired engineer to see quality design and manufacturing.
My best wishes to you, your family and to your workforce for Christmas and the New Year.
Kind regards Geoff Oxley


from wranglerforum.com :

IMC Hoist Review

I wanted to just put up a quick review on the IMC hardtop hoist. I ordered one several weeks ago and have had the opportunity to use it enough times to give it a fair review:

Overall, this is a pretty simple hoist system that consists of a block and tackle, ceiling hook, length of rope, cleat, and harness to support the hardtop. The harness is the real magic of this system. It is made from a reinforced seatbelt material and is made to size based on what model year hartdtop you are lifting.

Installation took about 10 minutes, probably would have been half the time if my studfinder wasn't a piece of garbage (my ceiling in my garage is drywalled). Once you screw the hook in the ceiling where you want it, you simply attach the included cleat with the included screws into a stud on the wall (out of reach of the kids). Then you drink a beer because you have proven what a competent handyman/engineer you are to have created such a useful apparatus in such a short amount of time in your own home.

My first go at taking off the top was 20 minutes. The majority of that time was spent removing the bolts (I have some wingnut style ones on order that do not require tools) and fastening the two buckles on the harness once the top was "threaded" on. Lifting was easy, even with no electric motor assistance, I believe I read it was a 7:1 lifting ratio assistance, so it was a snap to get it up to the ceiling. Once there, it held firm and safe with the end of the rope tied off on the wall cleat.

Putting it back on the first time was 15 minutes, it lowered easily onto the tub and I was able to easily stand next to the Jeep while lowering it, guiding it exactly where I wanted it while doing so. The whole process was strikingly easy and effortless, the block and tackle really do the work, the closest thing there is to work is unscrewing your bolts.

Things I have learned are to open the rear doors and gate when lowering the top back on and leaving them open while removing the harness. First go round I left one of the back doors closed and while pulling the harness out I pulled the rubber weather stripping out of the track on the door. Easy enough to fix, and easily avoidable.

Now having done it a few times I can get the lid off in 8 minutes (yes, I used a stopwatch) and back on in 9. I think when the wingnut bolts arrive I will cut this in half again, as it is not very quick work in the confined space with a ratchet on the front and rear bolts on the back deck. Even with the tool-less bolts in back, I will still need to use the factory supplied ones for the two up front over the soundbar.

Overall, this lift delivers what it promises at a pretty reasonable price. It very safely and securely cradles your top in such a fashion that it will not apply unusually stress to the top and cause deformity. Everything you need is in the box, and the harness system they designed is pretty awesome. I had a few questions about the product prior to ordering and their customer service was top notch, responding almost immediately to my emails.

I imagine you could go to the big box and buy a rope, cleat, block and tackle, and a few cargo straps for less, but as I mentioned, the harness system is pretty sweet, and really make the package. Overall I give this a thumbs up:

Ease of installation= 5
All parts needed included= 5
Customer service= 5
Ease of use= 5
Product as advertised= 5
Value= 4


Law Offices of

Walter L. Haines, Inc.

10880 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 2070
Los Angeles, CA 90024
To: Mark Ellis @ Removable Tops

Mark, I wish to express my appreciation for all the technical advice you have taken the time to give me in the evaluation of your product and its installation.

After researching the various hoists available I concluded that the engineering while simple in execution, was the most elegant in accomplishing the task. My main concern was not price, although your unit gave the most bang for the buck, but the protection of my 2002 Thunderbird roof from damage while taking it on or off and during prolonged storage. I have now been using the hoist for several months and it cradles the car roof without noticeable effect on weather-stripping or any of its parts.

Thanks again for your after purchase service and help.


Walter L. Haines



Everything as promised. Very good to work with. Thank you!
Fast shipping, great communication, nice product!!! A_1!
item just as advertised. easy transaction. thanks.
Outstanding seller, very fast shipping, item as described. Thank You!
Awesome Hosit! Easy Install, Better than described! GREAT COMMUNICATION!
great hoist works fine AAAAAAAAA++++++++++
good prompt service
Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.
Great transaction
Exactly what was promised. Excellent materials. Quick shipping w/ tracking_THNX!
Excellent product, Great price, prompt shipping, cannot ask for better, Thank you
very prompt shipment.
Quick shipping. Excellent product!
Awesome quality, awesome prices!
Awesome seller, great product,
great service and a square dealer
Great Product; Would Highly Recommend; Fast Shipping!!!

Mark, I want to thank you for all your help and customer service. I checked the stenciled number (it was correct) and followed your instructions. The cover fit perfectly. It was truly a pleasure doing business with you. – Tony
Hi Mark: Just wanted you to know the transporter arrived as you said. It was easy to put together and it works perfectly with my hardtop. Thanks for the great service. Virginia

Mark, Thank so much for your big help! You are greatly appreciated. When I called other company about the instructions, they won't give it to me. But with you.... there's no hesitation and you are willing to accommodate me. You are a good man and good luck!
Thank you Mark for the Great instructions. I had it installed upside down with the "Front" label on the underside of the top. The cover fits slick as can be.

Thanks for all your help. Great job.



Just awesome and perfect! thank you very much!

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